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25 Hours Pay-As-You-Go!

25 Hours Pay-As-You-Go!

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25 Hours of Pay-As-You-Go! 

Used for Online and in-Person Meetings

Online meetings are 1 hour, and in-person meetings are 1.5 hours

First - Payment + Register and mention the time or times per week you wish to attend. See Pay-As-You-Go! options.

Second - receive your confirmation and Time Document.  

Third - See you in Class!   

Level Information - We use terminology from Beginner I to Advanced III. Sometimes there may be exceptions such as Total Beginner or Advanced IV. Pay-As-You-Go! students should be sure to take the placement test and register.

• Time must be used within 274 days.  
• You will be charged if you do not give at least five (5+) or more hours notice of a cancelation.
• A Class is one hour.  
• The class times may change with 5+ hours notice. 
• The Timezone for reference is the Taipei Taiwan Timezone. 

• Giving notice is limited to Email, Text, or call (iMessage, and FaceTime, or FaceTime Audio too).  Chatting on other platforms or social media is welcome, but not for giving notice about the calendar.  This is to avoid confusion. 
• Your plan to visit must be confirmed by receiving your Time Document in a confirmation email before attending.  This is where you will also find the Zoom Room information.   



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