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"The teaching method of iLearn.tw is very different from my previous way of learning English. It has also significantly improved my English level, and I am happy to learn English at iLearn.tw." Sunny Yang

Sunny Yang

"I am grateful to have come to iLearn.tw on the recommendation of a friend and met Ross. Previously, I had avoided formalized English learning, such as studying grammar, memorizing vocabulary, and taking tests, and my English proficiency had always been limited. It wasn't until I found the learning style I had been looking for at iLearn.tw. It is a professional language consultancy firm that is relaxed, fun, and encourages you to think and expand your horizons. It tailors exclusive learning methods and themes to each person's level and even interests! From being nervous at first to even looking forward to every lesson with Ross now! The stress-free learning environment elevates your conversational English skills with every conversation, even if you don't realize it. The flexible schedule allows me to take classes even on my busiest days! I highly recommend iLearn.tw. It is the best place to learn and think."

Rosie Chiang

"A very different way of learning, a truly natural way of learning! The teacher uses every possible method, language, and even performance to help me understand the meaning of what he wants to say or a word, instead of directly letting me look at the Chinese translation. It is a very effective way of learning!" Sally Kao

Sally Kao

"Every time I take a class at iLearn.tw, it feels like I'm enjoying a fantastic talk show. Teacher Ross always has unexpected topics, from the idea that the Earth is flat to 9/11 conspiracy theories. It lets me temporarily forget work pressure and follow Ross to experience different international perspectives, related English discussions, and vocabulary that you would never encounter in traditional cram schools. As long as you dare to speak up, you can learn authentic English here. If you have the chance, come and give it a try!" Simon Nien

Simon Nien

"My two children and I have been studying English with Ross at iLearn.tw for several years. Facing our lack of English skills, Ross started us on the path of English learning with the simplest way of speaking, like how a grandmother teaches her grandchildren without using text or grammar. Ross is excellent at stimulating ideas, thinking, and pronunciation, making us not afraid to speak English. Over the years, simple English has become easy! But learning English is endless! There are still many slang words to learn! We understand that opportunities come and go quickly, and we feel like we've missed out if we miss a class with Ross. If you have the chance to learn English together at iLearn.tw, let's do our best together!"

Vanessa Chiu

"iLearn.tw is the most unique English learning center I have ever seen. They offer a different perspective on the world, where you can learn English from different aspects and understand a diverse world. It is definitely hard to find another English learning center like this in Taiwan."

Shawn Chou

"Hi there, do you feel a little bit of resonance with the pyramid on the left? Is this what you want? Yes, after boring English grammar lessons in primary and secondary school, I wanted something different. I hoped to have a chance to make speaking English a part of myself. With excited and nervous heart, I stepped into iLearn.tw's English world. Even after six months, I still look forward to my weekly English consultant course with Ross. Ross is the only English consultant here and also the operator of iLearn.tw. You can feel his enthusiasm and dedication during your course with him. As a drama major in college, he has abundant body language and acting talents. As a speaking trainer for ten years in Toronto and Germany, he can prepare unique courses for each student...."

Nora Chen

...So, let your consultant worry about how to make you understand, and you just need to open your heart and feel it, that's enough. As for entering the English world, if you ask me if I am afraid? I also walked in with trembling legs, but I continued to walk, feeling extremely happy and accomplished, because I am already in it and don't want to leave. Learning should be a positive feedback and not just a painful memory. Gradually, you will start to actively want to know more, actively remember more English words, and listen to more English sentences, just like me. Sincerely hope that every one of you can have the same happy experience as me. Welcome to be a part of iLearn.tw! "Don't think about it, JUST DO IT." This is the simplest way and the only way. Hope to see you here,"

Nora Chen

"iLearn.tw believes that the ability to express oneself fluently is the true measure of passing a test when conversing and communicating with native English speakers. Its grading system ranges from beginner level one to advanced level three, but exceptions may occur sometimes, such as a completely beginner level or an advanced level four. View Twinkl.co.uk."


Are you tired of the high tuition fees, boring textbooks, and English consultants who only care about getting money from you in English cram schools? The first time I came to iLearn.tw, I was amazed by the special discussion topics! Consultant Ross is a very spirited teacher who sometimes incorporates small games in the class to make speaking English an easy and relaxed thing. Now, if I don't have class on Monday at ilearn.tw, I feel like I'm not energetic enough!

Amber Chang

As someone who is eager to communicate with foreigners easily, comparing with other related cram schools, you will find that the content of the classes at iLearn.tw is very rich and diverse. The enthusiasm of Ross in class and the interaction in private will make you deeply feel the beauty of this place. I sincerely recommend this great place to make you have more ideas and concepts, and not just study for exams, but generate your own interests. You won't go wrong coming here.

Lawrence Wu

Learn English!! Why come to iLearn.tw?? Because I deeply wanted to learn English, that's why I chose iLearn.tw... At first, I had a simple desire to learn English, and my mind was filled with vocabulary, grammar, prepositions, etc. Until I came to iLearn.tw... I realized what Jack Ma said, that learning a language is about understanding more about the things and cultures in this world. By using English to see the world, I discovered that China is not here to save the world... Hahaha! Do you want to know how foreigners view the DPP and KMT? Do you want to know how many fake people, things, and events there are in the world? Do you want to know if our Earth is round or flat? Your English is no longer just for conversation, believe it or not. Your English lessons will show you a world you have never seen before, really! Because every time I attend a class, I have a renewed sense of awareness! You'll understand when you come... no more nonsense!

Dharma Tzeng

Studying English at iLearn.tw is really different from what I imagined. The subject matter of the classes is very practical and diverse, with current events and special events from around the world opening my eyes and making me want to know more and think more. This is really a special teaching process that turns you from being passive to being active. You're no longer just passively learning like a duck being force-fed, but instead, you're thinking about the questions these topics raise. Yes! I learned the true meaning of learning here, which is to keep learning without interruption! Thank you Ross for giving me this special experience, letting me know that English is really crazy and very fun!

Wendi Chang

"Hello, everyone. I'm happy to share some of my English learning experiences with you. I remember that I needed to improve my English skills for work, so I stepped into Ross's English consulting company after reading online reviews and recommendations from friends. I was a little afraid and embarrassed to face a foreign consultant who would correct my pronunciation and explain the usage of some sentences. However, Ross's humorous and witty teaching method immediately dispelled my concerns. He corrected my pronunciation and explained the usage of some sentences, while using rich body language, pictures, and simple English explanations of word meanings. Therefore, the happy learning process helped me to make progress in my English. I believe that once you have taken a consultant course, you will have a different feeling from before."

Vicky Liu

"If you want to learn English well, you will find it really worthwhile if you love learning English. There is no teaching method like that of outside cram schools. At iLearn.tw, Ross has a movie week every week and even plays Monopoly. These are the cozy feelings that I think outside cram schools cannot achieve. During the holidays, you can also go with Ross to DaKeng to meet his friends. There are many foreign friends there, and everyone is very friendly. Playing music, drinking beer, makes you feel like you are abroad without going abroad. Learning English is not just rote learning, Ross is really friendly. I think anyone who steps in and is willing to give him an hour, you will never want to leave from then on. His course content is really fun and lively, because he graduated from drama. Come and have a look. You will have a different experience! I love iLearn.tw"

Elaine Zeng

"Learning English here is a very easy thing. Ross will try different ways to take you into the world of English, including oral, physical, pictorial, even audio-visual, games, and more. In addition to English, Ross is also happy to share various viewpoints with you. Whether you agree or not, it will bring you some new ideas. If you want to try teaching methods different from those of English cram schools, this is a good choice :)"

Amanda Lin

"Being able to learn English well is a wonderful thing! Taiwan lacks an environment for speaking English, which leads people to go downhill after leaving high school and college education and also stops them from coming into contact with English, and even creates fear of it, which is very unfortunate. Here, unlike other cram schools, iLearn.tw has created a friendly environment for learning English. After taking classes here, I regained my curiosity about English and immersed myself in a good learning environment and mood. English is an international language, and learning it at iLearn.tw can enrich your life and explore the world."

Sherry Kuan

"Hi, from childhood to adulthood, I have been to many cram schools, and the oppressive learning has always made me afraid of English. After entering university, I truly realized the importance and practicality of English. I tried the courses on iLearn.tw, and without hesitation, I continued to take the courses. Ross is a consultant with great professionalism and educational enthusiasm, who has served in Canadian language schools for more than five years. iLearn.tw is a place where you can learn English happily. Try it, and you won't regret it."

Hawk Lee

"Ross's class is very lively and flexible, and more importantly, he is different from other cram schools. During our oral process, Ross can pick out our grammar or vocabulary mistakes, or modify our sentences to be more perfect and closer to Western expressions. Every English consultant course is like chatting, and I have really improved a lot invisibly!


"Don't want to let learning English become a nightmare? Want to chat freely with foreigners? Then iLearn.tw is the best place! I came to iLearn.tw with a nervous and excited mood at first, experienced the course, and found that Ross-iLearn.tw's only consultant is a lively and enthusiastic person. He makes the course interesting and makes me no longer afraid to speak English in the most relaxed way. This is different from the general cram schools, there is no rote education, no pressure, and I feel that learning English can be very happy. Get rid of the boring learning methods such as exams, listening tests... etc., learning English can really be so easy and comfortable! iLearn.tw is really great! Welcome everyone to come and learn English together :) "

Angel Tsai

"Although the class time is not long, Ross's lively teaching and pronunciation practice, as well as grammar correction, have greatly improved areas that I previously didn't pay attention to. I feel quite relaxed here, and it's truly a wonderful learning experience."

Allen Lee

"Ross is a different kind of English consultant. He is very thoughtful and teaches us in the most natural way of listening and speaking. It's a truly effective method of applying English and making progress. He is always energetic and passionate, and his lessons are both relaxed and informative! I'm really glad to know such a consultant! Go, Ross! Let's all work hard together!!"

Will Chung

"I really like Ross's classes. He teaches in a lively way, which is different from other cram schools or consultant companies in Taiwan. His classes are not so serious, and Ross uses games to teach us and help us learn. There are also movie nights, bowling, and in-depth trips to Canada, which have taught us a lot. iLearn.tw is a great choice."


"iLearn.tw is a very special place where you can not only strengthen your English skills but also learn a lot of knowledge. The courses here are free and fun, no longer the traditional rote learning, but a more life-oriented approach to learning. If you want to take your English further, iLearn.tw is definitely a good choice.

Jill Chao

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