Monday July 8, 2024 - a sad realization

Monday July 8, 2024 - a sad realization

I have been so wrapped up and worried about what awaits me on Wednesday, July 10, 2024, and how much longer this will go on, that I mistakenly thought I was supposed to go to court sometime this week. I believed this date was the same as when I would receive the judgment. After further investigation, I found an event in my calendar for Tuesday, July 2, LAST WEEK! The realization that I had missed the event was very distressing. I did not receive a phone call or mail summoning me to court, so I'm quite confused about where I stand legally, when I am supposed to go to court, and where I am supposed to go. Hopefully, not to jail for the fourth time.

I also went at noon this day to clarify things. Unfortunately, I went to the wrong building, and now all cases, criminal or civil, will be in the high court building. This is the letter of apology that I submitted to the court on Monday, July 8, at noon. It was a mind-numbingly tedious three hours of confusion, to say the least.

Dear Honorable Judge,

My name is Ross Cline, and I am writing this letter to sincerely apologize for missing our scheduled court date on Tuesday, July 2, 2024, at 11 AM. If this was indeed a missed date, I deeply regret the oversight and wish to explain my situation.

As a foreigner with a limited understanding of the legal system here, I find the entire situation perplexing and challenging. Over the past four years, I have been worried about legal actions stemming from my former landlord. These cases have caused significant stress and confusion, especially given my limited ability to understand the legal documents and processes involved.

My friend Linda Gail Arrigo, who is knowledgeable in local legal matters, mentioned that defamation laws are undergoing amendments in Taipei. My landlord is demanding $100,000 for emotional damages, yet when anyone searches my company name online in Chinese, they see court and legal battles. If this is truly about defamation, I kindly ask the court to consider: who has truly been defamed here?

Additionally, I would have expected to be informed if I had missed such an important date. I assure you that my confusion about the correct building and timing was genuine. I have often relied on my Taiwanese friends for help, but after four years of dealing with these legal issues, many of them are no longer able to assist me.

It feels unjust for someone to use the judicial system in this way, leaving me without any legal recourse. This situation is extremely challenging to navigate as a foreigner, and receiving conflicting interpretations only adds to my frustration. I urgently need clear instructions on what steps to take next. I am deeply concerned about the possibility of another afternoon in handcuffs and jail, but my greater worry is how much more heartbreak this situation in Taiwan will bring me.

I hope someone will finally take heed of my plight and have the empathy necessary to end this ordeal so I can move forward with my life. A reversal of any proposed penalty would not fully address the fairness I seek, but it would be a significant step towards justice.

Thank you kindly for your time, and I hope this letter finds you well. I trust you will do what is right.


Ross Cline 柯受恩 



It has been since 2000 and I am still regularly summoned to court, and just last week discovered another 2+ years of this are in my future, and then 2 more years again.  This is abuse and this is the 'Landlord Scam'.

進入我家後,我同意不知道會發生這樣的拜訪。 保羅說他很抱歉,但他不知道我在家。
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