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The MyTeacher service is your way to arrange meetings in your home, office, at our office, online or a bit of each. For your convenience we finally accept most any credit card or payment method, and payments are welcome via bank transfer to our company bank account in Taiwan too. Creating proper company invoices for you (upon request) is fine too. You set the time and frequency, get a Time Document and we find exactly who is perfect for the consultations you are searching for. You name the language, time and place and we do the rest.

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我的老師時間 是對的承諾 30 , 63 , 或者 105 小時與 不用擔心 關於新的陌生人加入,或者你的老師換了。為了 私人課程 , 小組 , 或者 大團體 .調度 我的老師時間 更多 靈活的 比小組課,它是 時間 你的 私人英語教練 有為了 你! 你可以 隨時開始!

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