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Try First!

Try First!

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This includes trying first, and a gift card equal in value to its price, so you have nothing to lose when you Try First! We are confident that you will be very happy you found us. If you are feeling timid to make full payment before trying first, this is for you!

This is what to do:

- Make sure you have registered. If you have not, please register here

- Compose an email with subject 'Try First!' to

- See the 'Plan Meeting' calendar and select a time that is best for you. 

- Include receipt of proof of purchase, and when your send it  we will reply with confirmation pronto!  

It is optional to take our English Placement Test for MyTeacher Time (30, 63, and 105 hour time options), but we strongly recommend everyone to take it at the start and to have your score included in the 'Additional Comments box' of the Registration Page.

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