I am suing her!

I am suing her!

I am suing her.  This is the last thing I could ever imagine someone driving me to do.  After two long and hellish years, I can see no other way for my life to ever return to normal.   More information and updates should not be here until my impending efforts to see the sentence and reward increased and swapped.  If the justice system is worth staying in this country for that is the least that could come out of it.  If the justice system is actually not a laughable disgrace third world shit-hole 


Q: Is that your landlord? 

A: Not yet, but it will be, because considering the plethora of evidence that I have stacked against her, no one should feel safe in this country if she’s not in jail when this is finally done.  I hate to do it, but the goddamn thing has forced my hand, and I think two years of bullshit because of her are just about enough!


Prepared for the judge with regard to the Landlord Scam

See rosscline.com/scam and iLearn.tw/landlord 


An email with Linda Gail Arrigo and end-cap


Dear Linda,


I believe this is the wisest and most realistic stance to take. It's crucial to let the system know what has been done and what will happen if some semblance of justice isn't shown to restore my faith in Taiwan as a logical, safe, and wise investment for my future. No rational person would consider a third-world Banana Republic shit hole a suitable place, and unfortunately, Taiwan isn't doing much to help me feel any safety here. I now grasp the challenges faced by someone from a struggling nation, desperate to escape. If this is how Taiwan treats the guy who sells the  "Taiwan is not part of China" T-shirts and who consistently expressed love for the country, it's utterly absurd and embarrassing for everyone involved. It exposes their lack of depth and understanding beyond mere compliance with legal advice. Discernment should be a judge's responsibility, but in Taiwan, they pass tests and fail at life. Sadly, there's little we can do about this phenomenon. I'm hopeful something will change, perhaps in a month or so, but I firmly believe I'm justified in demanding a complete reversal, or a reversal with increased consequences, to mend the damage inflicted on my heart and my love for this country. If they can allocate $175,000 to that obviously and provably Vindictive, despicable, sad excuse for a human being, they should certainly do the same for me, or more. If they can imprison me for six months for my actions, they should certainly acknowledge the clearly documented death threat and explicit harassment on video. Ignoring these due to laziness and an aversion to paperwork is unacceptable. If it's too challenging for a judge, it might be best to step down from the position as a judge. I suspect my predicament is mainly due to laziness, with unreasonable ridiculous expectations for me to master Chinese and to navigate the legal system here. It speaks volumes about the safety and future prospects for foreigners in a place such as this,  or in a third-world Banana Republic shit hole. Time will tell, but a reversal of charges, with increased consequences, is necessary for me to speak positively about Taiwan. I can't express how broken I am; this has shattered me. I'm unsure of what to do. Teaching in Taiwan is all I know. It's fortunate I'm not prone to suicidal thoughts, as many others might be at this point.   It takes a special love for a country to endure what I have this year and still cling to hope. This is cruel, and the government should  also bear some of the responsibility of compensation. At this point if the president arrived in a helicopter to pick me up in Canada, in a televised apology, feels like about what it would take. Otherwise, I'm unsure what will change my perspective. 🥲 God bless you and thank you so much for your support. I will always remain hopeful that at some point in time Taiwan will welcome me back again because this is where I belong. Maybe there will be a Christmas miracle. Fingers crossed.🤞🏻 


Ross Cline 柯受恩


About Court hearing date on November 10, 2023

They never told me anything about not needing witnesses until, of course, we arrived yesterday. They never told me anything about a list of steps or procedures to make sure there is an appointed translator with me on that day—until, of course, yesterday with Rock and Patrick at the courthouse. I saw Bela. She upstaged me and was shaking and trembling. Then I yelled at Patrick and Rock when I left the building and then returned to see Rock and Patrick talking to Bela and her husband and their friend Paul. I hope Bela doesn’t sue me for giving a quick bark to Rock and Patrick, insisting that they do not EVER speak to that thing again! I mean, it was not a nice thing for me to do, and probably did much more damage to her reputation and hurt feelings in the eyes of any onlooking bystanders than what she is suing me for. I must remember to share this point with the judge.



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