Taiwan Landlord Scam

The Landlord Scam: My Struggle for Justice in Taiwan

Your Honor,

I am profoundly disheartened and devastated to find myself in the position of having to compose this letter. The fact that we are still entangled in a legal dispute over the publication of my rental contract, an incidental matter devoid of any malicious intent, which occurred three years ago, is nothing short of absurd. It is deeply regrettable that this situation persists and has consumed valuable resources, time, and effort of the professional judicial system. I am beyond disheartened by the ongoing nature of this matter, which should have been swiftly resolved, and I extend my sincere apologies for the inconvenience it has caused.

In response to this regrettable circumstance, I have provided an abundance of evidence, including video recordings and witness testimonies, all aimed at supporting my case. My primary objective has been to protect myself, my business interests, and my reputation against the landlord's manipulation of the rental contract and personal attacks on my well-being. Initially, I was enthusiastic about discovering and renovating the premises as part of my business expansion. However, upon moving in, it became evident that basic security and safety measures outlined in the contract were disregarded. Despite my attempts to address these issues, I was met with the landlord's aggressive behavior, as evidenced by video recordings of violent threats and a blatant disregard for my safety, leaving me living in a constant state of uncertainty and fear. Furthermore, the landlord's callous response to my mental health concerns, coupled with her boastful reaction to the knowledge of my distress, only exacerbated my anxiety and fear. Her lack of empathy towards my situation, as well as her insensitive response regarding insurance premiums in the event of suicide, further compounded my distress.

Regarding my business, I maintain an online presence that occasionally includes updates about my life and professional endeavors. Regrettably, amidst the ongoing turmoil, I overlooked the sensitive nature of the information contained in the rental contract, which is prohibited from being shared in this country. I assure the court that I had no prior knowledge of this legal restriction and harbored no ill-will towards the landlord or disrespect for Taiwanese law. It was an unfortunate oversight on my part, and upon being made aware of the complaint, I promptly apologized and removed any offending information in full compliance with the landlord's requests.

I wish to emphasize that I have never had any prior legal troubles and consider myself to be a law-abiding citizen who holds the utmost respect for Taiwan and its people. Since immigrating to Taiwan in 2009, my intention has been to contribute positively to society and build a successful business. I have dedicated myself to educating the youth of this country with the utmost sincerity, hoping to foster growth and development in both individuals and businesses alike. It has been profoundly disheartening to have this case tarnish my reputation and undermine my dreams, all due to an innocent oversight and my efforts to protect my livelihood from unwarranted aggression and fear.

In light of these circumstances, I implore the court for understanding and empathy regarding my situation. I categorically deny any intention to cause harm or distress to the landlord or any other party involved in these proceedings. The constant imposition of fines, legal proceedings, threats, and the erosion of my life as a whole, while being perceived as the victim in this case, has only exacerbated the mental health issues stemming from the initial incident, which have been formally documented by medical professionals.

If my demeanor has ever appeared aggressive or argumentative, I assure you it was never my intention to convey such an impression. It is simply not in my nature to project myself in such a manner. I hope this letter, written with utmost consideration and composure, will convey the sincerity of my sentiments in this unfortunate ordeal.

Despite the hardships I have endured, I wish to express my genuine concern for the well-being of my landlord, and I deeply regret the turmoil caused by my inadvertent mistake.

Ross Cline 柯受恩

-Chinese Translation-

Your Honor, 








Ross Cline 柯受恩

see rosscline.com/video

It has been since 2000 and I am still regularly summoned to court, and just last week discovered another 2+ years of this are in my future, and then 2 more years again.  This is abuse and this is the 'Landlord Scam'.

自2000年以來,我仍然經常被傳喚到法庭,就在上週,我發現還有2年多的時間在我的未來,然後又是2年。 這是濫用,這是“房東騙局”。


進入我家後,我同意不知道會發生這樣的拜訪。 保羅說他很抱歉,但他不知道我在家。
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